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Villa Rosa

Rating: 3.5
Bild från Villa Rosa, Hotell i Kroatien
Our mission is very simple- spend your holiday feeling like at home at one of our elegant apartments. Each apartment features two bedrooms with a big living room and a huge terrace ideal for relaxing and having fun at the same time. There are two entrances to the terrace/ one off the bedroom and one off the living room. The terraces are built of stone tiles/ where our guests can enjoy the serenity of a moment while not being disturbed by anyone.Inside the apartment you will find a spacey/ cosy living room with couch/ sofas and a TV area with a satellite TV and DVD player providing a perfect venue in which to relax with family or friends.Well equipped kitchen will cater to the needs of those with serious cooking aspirations/ and those who are on holiday to escape every day kitchen chores will enjoy the proximity of several restaurants and taverns. Amenities include air conditioning -bedrooms and living room-/ satellite TV and DVD/ dishwasher/ toaster/ washing machine/ baby cot on request/ heated floors on the ground floor and other details.

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Sv Kriza 33
20000 Dubrovnik

Latitude: 42.659099999999995
Longitude: 18.088922000000000

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Över kan du få en överblick över hur temperaturen är i Dubrovnik under ditt besök. Vi visar den högsta, lägsta och genomsnittstemperaturen för varje månad. Genom tabellen nedan kan du se hur vädret är hela året för Dubrovnik. Alla siffror är i Celcius.

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Villa Rosa
Rating: 3.5

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